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5 Reasons To Get A Hogle Zoo Membership

There is something magical about going to the Zoo with kids. They could go to the Zoo every day and it was still be almost brand new to them. Every animal is a delight even if we just sit and watch them nap. You can wander around the zoo for hours, observing and learning about all the amazing animals there.

As a homeschool family, we are always looking for fun ways to teach our kids about the world around them. Shows like Wild Kratts  have made our kids in little Zoologists and routine trips to the Zoo are a must for our family. Knowing this about us, my amazing in-laws got us a Family Membership to the Hogle Zoo as a gift and it has been such a treat being able to go to the Zoo anytime we want.

I absolutely recommend getting a Zoo Membership for the following reasons. Now, these 5 points are based off the Basic & Plus zoo memberships which I find to be the most cost effective and practical for a family of 6.

#1 A Membership is Cost Effective
General Summer Admission for a family of 6 (2 adults and 4 kids) comes out to: $73.70/visit.


With a Basic Zoo Membership for $129, that same family of 6 could visit the Zoo once a month for a year for only $10.75/visit. It's even less if you go more often than that.

I would say that's the best deal ever.

# 2 Members Only Discounts
Members get discounts on food, zoo merchandise, education classes and zoo camps, admission to Zoo! Lights, and admission to 125+ Zoo and Aquariums all across the US.

#3 The Wild Ride Punch Pass
Raise your hand if you kids have NEVER asked you if they could ride the train or the carousel when they are at the zoo. My hand is not up because my kids, especially Bear, ask me everytime we go to the Zoo. Tickets to those rides are $2/person age 1 and older. For just me and the 3 older kids, that's $8 per ride. It doesn't seem like a lot but it does add up. The Wild Ride Punch Pass has 10 punches for $15 which comes out to $1.50/ride. Some might say that it is not a huge difference in price but I like being able to buy the rides up front and not have to worry about having the money to ride the train.

#4 Members Only Zoo Time
Members have the benefit of arriving before the zoo officially opens or staying there after official closing time during the summer to beat the heat and see more of the animals when it's cooler outside. These are called Sunrise and Sunset Safaris. Sunset Safari is from 5:30-9:00pm and Sunrise Safari is 7:30-9:00am. Check out the events calendar for dates. I am actually looking forward to this because it gets really hot (dry hot!) here in Utah and an evening or early morning at the zoo would be just lovely during the summer.

#5 Bring a Friend Along
When we were looking at memberships to the Hogle Zoo, we decided on the plus membership so that we could bring a friend or family member along. It makes for variety on our usual trips and gives our friend the chance to go to the zoo for free. Who doesn't love free?! The plus membership allows for one free guest and the Zoo booster and booster deluxe allow for 2 guests.

And that is why I recommend getting a membership to the Hogle Zoo. Actually, since I'm here recommending things, might I recommend lunch (or dinner) at The Beastro?

I've gotten food at the zoo before but since the Hogle Zoo has gone through its remodel and updating, the food is so much better. I got a turkey bacon sandwich there that was downright amazing and the kids food was just as good. You walk down a line and have a choice of pizza, salad, mac & cheese, desserts, so many delicious things. If you are further in the zoo, like down by the Bears, you should try a burger at the Shoreline Grill. The burgers and fries are sooooo good. I generally wouldn't recommend eating out everytime you go to the zoo (budget killer!) but both The Beastro and Shoreline Grill are totally worth trying once. 

Alright, y'all, that's all for today. See you at the Zoo!